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A Year in the Making

This jumper/sweater has taken a long time. I don’t mean the knitting; that I started mid-September and fell off the needles at a rate of knots (har har); it is everything leading up to the cast-on moment that has dragged.

I bought this Cascade 220 at The Little Green House for my 26th birthday as a present from my girlfriend’s sister. She insisted I make myself something because I tend to give away everything I make so quickly I don’t get photos of most of them for my Ravelry projects page. I prefer it that way, but I realised I have never knitted myself anything more than hats (except single socks because I can’t get past SSS* when it’s for myself) and this needed to be fixed. So I picked up a couple of shades of green Cascade 220 and some dark grey and knew exactly what I was going to make.

At that time it was leading up to Christmas and the deadline to return back to England was looming, so I didn’t start the sweater in Canada. I figured I would get back after a month or two and would knit it then. I didn’t bring it back to England with me.

Nine months later I get back to Canada for a two-week visit. Yeah, things didn’t go exactly to plan. However, I cast it on as soon as I could and started knitting as quickly as possible.

If I hadn’t had to stop for a couple of other projects with deadlines I think I could have knit this jumper up in two weeks, tops. It’s a quick knit, it’s satisfying, and it’s easy to adjust to your own shape and size. The pattern is $5 in Paris – this is a link to the Ravelry page. I recommend it; it’s beautiful and simple and fun.


So here it is. A terrible picture of my first adult-size sweater. I made it with a lot of negative ease because that’s the look I was going for; hence the lots-of-shaping. I can’t stand knitting sleeves so they stop at my elbow. I made the collar with big needles so that I can wear it low on my shoulders. All I have to do is weave in the ends and then I’m going to be wearing it ALL THE TIME. I AM SO PLEASED.

Better pictures coming later – I finished it at night so there was no way to make it look good!

*Second Sock Syndrome

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