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Swapping Goodies

Over the past few months I’ve been seeing a lot of my knitting friends participating in swaps. This is where you are paired with a person (on Ravelry, of course) and you send each other yarn-based packages on a specific theme. I thought it looked interesting but I was dubious on getting involved when I feel the pressure of these things a little too intently.

Then I discovered Nerdy Swaps on Ravelry and could not resist.

I happened to be paired with an absolutely lovely woman. She has an Etsy that proves the wonder of her creations: Knitsomniac Designs. I’ll be posting a better picture of the hand-dyed yarn she sent me once I have my camera on me, but here’s a photo of what she sent taken on my iPod (aka don’t judge me for quality):

image (1)


  • Two skeins of lovely hand-dyed yarn, superwash merino and nylon. The colourways are called Gaslight and Victorian Euphemism which just makes me super happy.
  • A hand-made project bag with a Victorian lady on the front. Very classy, I like.
  • A funky steampunk-themed notebook that I’ve already started using.
  • Two bars of dark chocolate. Delicious! The mint one didn’t even last long enough to take the photo.

I’ve already signed up for another swap, but honestly? The fact that I got paired with such a brilliant person is the highlight so far. She’s lovely and we’ve had a good old natter through the process. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about doing a swap.

In fact, if you decide to do one in the next day or two, Nerdy Swaps’s next theme is Jossverse. Buffy and Avengers and Firefly, oh my! (Of course that’s the one I’m signed up to, duh.)



6 thoughts on “Swapping Goodies

  1. Oh So Jealous! the yarn – both my favourite colours, journal & tote right up my alley and chocolate!! I mean, who could not love this… *off to look for a swap*


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