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Knitting in the Cold

I knit through the summer but there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from knitting items when it’s already cold outside. There is something truly peaceful about sitting in a warm room with the rain and wind thrashing outside quietly knitting a hat for someone, knowing that it will make their winter a little more bearable.

It’s NaNoWriMo right now so, of course, knitting has suddenly become a desperate craving. It happens every November. In a bid to write as much as possible in one month (I’m aiming for 100,000 words this month instead of the usual 50,000!) everything else seems to be far more fun. Write? Nah. Knit another row of a hat I’d forgotten I cast on months ago? Sure why not!

The combination of the cold and procrastination make November one of the most productive months for me.

On the needles:

  • A green hat for Lucy
  • Spiderman hat (with eye holes!) for a small child’s birthday
  • A blue cat teddy for my nephew
  • A scarf for someone fancy and awesome
  • Some red socks for myself with the yarn from the swap, and
  • A scarf for the next swap I’m doing (this is technically on the hook; I’m crocheting it.)

And these are only the active ones, not the various things stashed away in my cupboards for later.

I do love feeling like I can’t get enough off the needles. It’s very satisfying to feel so productive. The best way to get me to do anything is if there’s something more urgent I should be doing; suddenly I can’t stop myself.

Are any of you charming knitters balancing a knitting life with Nanowrimo this year?


One thought on “Knitting in the Cold

  1. I’m sort of doing Nanowrimo right now. But only in the sense that I was casting on a sweater anyway.

    If I could count all the little hats and things I was knitting earlier this month I’d make the stitch goal, no problem.


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