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The Doctor’s Scarf

So Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary was all kinds of epic. I watched it at the cinema in 3D and loved it. However in the interest of avoiding spoilers for those unfortunates who haven’t watched it yet, I’m not going to speak about it here. YET. (Possibly ever, because I am easily distracted and will probably launch back into my Captain Marvel obsession any moment now.)

Instead I’m going to talk about the wonder that is The Doctor’s Scarf. Yes, that one. The ridiculously long iconic stripy thing that looks to be about the most boring thing to knit in the world, yet is on most Whovians’ Ravelry queue.

I think I can see the end of it!
I think I can see the end of it!

Whilst wandering around the Interwebs wondering how everyone else felt about the brainmelting genius that was the recent episode, I found an article on the Guardian that had the most charming quote from our good old Tom Baker.

He gave it to a woman who was so excited at being asked to work for Doctor Who that she started knitting it and just didn’t stop. When we went to her room, it was so full of scarf, we couldn’t get in. She offered to cut it up, but Jim wanted to keep it. Other designers took over and, with each subsequent series, it got longer and longer and more operatic.

Bless. I can imagine the excitement of being asked to knit something like that. Honestly? It would be so boring to knit something that long and monotonous if it were for one of the greatest characters ever created!


One thought on “The Doctor’s Scarf

  1. I saw it in the theater on Saturday too. So much fun to sit in an audience paying such rapt and reverent attention to the screen.


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