Time For a Comic Interlude

Unfortunately for anyone wanting a giggle, I don’t mean comic in the funny sense. Nope, I’m geeking out over here at all the beautiful and awesome comics I’ve discovered in the last year of hoarding collecting them.

ComicsTop row, left to right:

  • Spider-Woman (old school).
  • Avengers and X-Men. I only bought this because it had Spider-Woman on the front.
  • Dexter. Uh, don’t bother with this one.
  • PRETTY DEADLY. I will be elaborating on my love for this.
  • X-Men.
  • Avengers Assemble. Bought because Kelly Sue DeConnick.
  • Iron Man.

Bottom row, left to right:

  • Jupiter’s Legacy. I don’t know what this is, I only picked it up ’cause it was on offer at the store.
  • Secret Avengers. I only have one.
  • The Superior Foes of Spider-Man. I dropped this one last month.
  • Captain Marvel. SO AWESOME.
  • Hawkeye. The comic that really snared me into the world.
  • Fearless Defenders. Mixed feelings on this one.
  • Young Avengers which by all accounts is awesome.

It might not come as a surprise to you that I seek out comics that are female-friendly. I don’t mean that in the wishy-washy fluffy pink way; I like my violence and angst as much as anyone. However, a lot of comics feature so much boobs-and-butts poses that I can’t pay attention to the story anymore, if there even is a story beneath the gratuitous objectification. Usually there isn’t.

I like to pick up a comic and lose myself for a few minutes. For this, any feminists out there looking to dip your toes into the world of comic geekery, just pick up something by Kelly Sue DeConnick who is my new hero. I got a comic signed by her a few weeks ago and she’s just as wonderful as I expected. In the list above three of my four favourites so far are Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly, and Avengers Assemble; all written by DeConnick. The other on my best-of list is Hawkeye which is written by Matt Fraction – Deconnick’s husband. Yeah. They’re the power-due of awesome comics right now.

Aside from the Hawkeye Annual which was lazily drawn and awkward, the women in all of those comics are human-looking. A lot more so than in some of the other more mainstream ones I’ve picked at random in the past.

Anyway. These are the comics I’m adoring right now. My only disappointment is that I can’t knit and read comics at the same time.

Any other comic book geek knitters out there?


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