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End of the Year Post 2013

What did I do this year?

I ended up in Newcastle upon Tyne of all places thanks to a kind offer from a lovely friend (Lucy!) when I realised I was stuck in England again for a while. This was one of the most difficult times of my life to date but I’ve grown to love Newcastle even as I long to get home to Ontario.

Me in Durham; the Angel of the North; my good friend Lucy and I in Tynemouth; Tyne Bridge at sunset.

It’s a gorgeous city full of vibrant people and a great yarn shop, The Knit Studio. I’ve met some lovely people there and have really enjoyed my time getting to know them. If you’re in the Newcastle area look up The Knit Studio – it’s shut for a bit at the moment but it’s worth a visit if you get the time. Gorgeous yarn, brilliant people.

In September I went back to Canada. Hello, Ontario! I spent a week chilling with my lovely girlfriend and remembering my life there before we skipped over the border to head out to Las Vegas for a few days. It was one of the best holidays I’ve been on and it was brilliant getting to spend unadulterated time with her in such a vibrant place. We stayed in Circus Circus which meant a lot of walking and some rather disgusting blisters but it was worth it for the heat and the surreal beauty of the place. It took us a while to realise the grass was fake – makes sense in a desert!

We saw a few shows and also went to the Grand Canyon on my birthday. I’d always wanted to go there so I was thrilled. We had a really nice day even though the weather was being a bit weird – it was just before the floods around the area.

Nari and I at the Grand Canyon; dolphins showing off; a raven looking dramatic at the Grand Canyon; Las Vegas at night.

While I was in Oshawa I got to see the pets I left behind and to meet a new one. Van is Nari’s new puppy – quite big already and growing by the day. He’s a sweetheart.

Luna; Ninja; Van and Sandra Dee; Seanie. All the adorables.

I saw my family a few times. I went down to my hometown in spring and spent a week there, mostly with my little sister though I saw a lot of my mum and saw my big sister and my niece too, as well as my dad. Then I saw the paternal side of my lineage in London both in September and earlier in December. Both times were great and lots of alcohol was imbibed. My mum came up in autumn and we had a good time exploring Newcastle.

My niece and nephew got big. I’m not sure when this happened. I guess it’s because I only see them a few times each year; they seem to expand exponentially each time. I am an extremely proud aunty.

Rubi and Jayden. You can guess which is which.

It has been a tough year. I’m thousands of miles away from the person I love and only got to spend two weeks with her; that’s 50 weeks apart. On top of that I’ve been dealing with some pretty heavy mental health stuff and I’m emotionally exhausted. It hasn’t been easy but I think I did a good job of making the most of it: I started exercising, I’m in therapy, I knitted all the things.

Which brings me to my last awkward collage.


Happy new year one and all. Let’s hope 2014 is a corker!



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