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Geeky Crochet: Marvel’s Avengers

It’s been ages since The Avengers hit our screens and I’m still reeling. I’d been tentatively dipping my toes into the world of comics for a while before that but this movie flung me full pelt into it. Thanks, Joss. Another life ruined.

Anyway, I’ve been scouting Ravelry for Avengers-themed knits and crochet…ing. It’s what I do with my spare time, don’t judge.

I can’t believe I haven’t done one of these posts for Avengers yet.


Pattern Here

Yes, that’s right, you can get your very own ebook full of the Avengers cast as bunnies. Why, might you ask? Well… why not? This would be a perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of the film franchise and also small fluffy bunnies. The best is Fury. Fact.



Pattern here

Are you a member of Loki’s Army? Of course you are. The only thing to do is crack out your crochet hook and make yourself this adorable (and free!) amigurumi, complete with a little hat with adorable horns. Um, I mean terrifying. Terrifying horns. Sorry Loki.


Pattern here

Are you more of a Thor person? I don’t blame you. Look at those flowing blond locks, those rippling muscles. Mostly I just enjoy his almost oblivious humour; it cracks me up as surely as that coffee glass. Here’s another awesome pattern for you to hook.

Iron Man

Pattern here

Maybe you’re more of a Stark person. If you are, welcome to the club of which I am a founding member. Well, maybe not founding. He’s quite a bit older than me in terms of both chronological age and time since first comic was published. I think he’s older than at least one of my parents. Anyway, point is he’s great, and here’s a way to zoom around your school/workplace/parliament pretending to zap people with your repulsors. Or something.

Up next: Captain Marvel. Yes, she does deserve a post all of her own.


One thought on “Geeky Crochet: Marvel’s Avengers

  1. I’m slowly getting into toys. Knitted a few small animals over the holidays. What do you think you’ll do with your crocheted Avengers?


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