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Second Swap: Suitably Nerdy

Last week I got my parcel from my latest swap partner on Nerdy Swaps (Ravelry), Dorkwats. I was completely spoiled with the things she sent me, I am overwhelmed with how much I love it all.


The cowl at the top has spiders on it and little Claddagh buttons – the theme is Joss Whedon, so it’s like the ring Angel gave Buffy. I love that detail and I love spiders so I’ve been wearing it constantly since. I can’t remember the make of the yarn right now but will no doubt post about it later when I transform it into something awesome. It’s alpaca sock yarn and is very squishy and good! There are rose sweets too which are my favourite things ever, as well as lots of little treats.

A close up.

The Firefly key fob is adorable. I need to attach my keys to it tonight. I also got a bunch of cute little magnets.


My favourite (non-handmade) thing is in the first picture: the Hawkeye bag. It’s huge and fits all my ridiculous stuff in it to carry around. I tend to carry around way too much stuff, especially yarn and needles etc so it’s absolutely perfect.

I adored participating in this swap, though it was perhaps bad timing around Christmas which is a stressful time for anyone. Thank you to my lovely swap partner; let’s hope she likes me package too!


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