A Few Changes In These Parts

First up, due to an unexpected chunk of money coming my way with nothing important to buy, I finally got around to purchasing a domain name. This blog is a few years old now; it deserves its own real name instead of a wordpress address! So welcome to http://www.knitternerd.com!

I have literally wanted my own domain name since I was thirteen. Yeah. This is unreasonably exciting for me.

Next, I’m going to be more expressly focusing on the nerd part of my life now. So far I’ve been primarily writing about knitting and that will still be the case – it takes up the majority of my thoughts after all – but I spend a lot of time and energy on comics and suchlike these days so I’ll be talking about that here too.

Basically my little blog is having a growth spurt. More and more people are visiting each day and I intend to make your stay worth it.


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