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Nupps: A First Attempt

In some flash of madness I decided that nupps cannot be as difficult as people say. They’re wrong, thought I. People told me turning a heel was hard and I did it without any problem at all. Jumpers/sweaters are a piece of cake despite what people have said. Yeah, okay, self. Let’s try a nupp.

A notoriously difficult and fiddly stitch involving a k7tog in this pattern. A k7togtbl, in fact. Yes. Knit seven together through the back loop. That sounds like something I can do, I decided. It’s totally not a big deal that I am sitting on a bumpy bus on the way to work when I make this decision.

For anyone considering doing this: don’t. Just don’t. It was never destined to end well.

Whoops a not-nupp!
Whoops a not-nupp!

The problem is, of course, that I’m a super tight knitter. I get even worse when I’m anxious, like say when I’m about to try a really difficult stitch for the first time whilst using a really splitty yarn and bouncing around on the crappy Newcastle roads. There was no poking my needle through that little clump no matter how hard I tried.

I am not defeated. I will defeat the nupps.

Maybe next time I’ll wait til I’m off the bus.


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