What’s on the Needles

I took a few weeks off from knitting for other people (in theory) and knitted whatever I felt like. It was refreshing. It’s not that I don’t enjoy knitting for friends and such – I do, I thrive off it. Even when I try to knit myself something it ends up being for someone else. I am what is known as a ‘process knitter’. I enjoy the act of it more than the finished objects.

That’s not entirely accurate though; I love the finished objects. But like a proud parent I want to send my creations out into the world. Or something.


I bought a mahoosive dragon’s egg of blue wool/acrylic when a new yarn store opened near where I used to work. It’s a beautiful royal blue that I adore. It’s already made some socks and a few little things but I decided to make an aran-weight shawl for myself as a reward for life and such. I picked a pattern and off I went.

There are many mistakes in this shawl. Many. So many. But I give no craps because it is for me and no one else will care. It’s quite freeing.

The actual colour is much richer than this.
The actual colour is much richer than this.

I’m also knitting some mitts but those are for someone and they’re a surprise so this is the only picture you get. I have to say that my love affair with malabrigo started a month or so after beginning to knit and it hasn’t died. So buttery. So squishy. Augh, it’s so perfect and this colourway (Jupiter) makes me so happy.


I’m also re-knitting a jumper for my little sister because the one I was doing just wasn’t feeling right. It didn’t feel like it would work for her – my sister Megan is a super classy broad so I want her to be decked out in something super classy. No picture yet because it’s still on the garter-stitch hem; I’m nowhere near anything interesting yet.

So what do you guys have on the needles/hooks lately? I’d love to see!


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