Enter the Geek

It always amuses me when people are surprised by my geekiness. I guess somehow, despite my best efforts, I come off as normal to people who aren’t looking very hard. It’s the same kind of amusement as when people don’t realise I’m gay, often even after a conversation about my decidedly female partner (I talk about her a lot).

That said, people seem a lot less surprised when they realise I’m a knitter. I don’t know what that says about me.

I’m not the most brain-active of people today so I’m going to write a little about a few things that are making me happy right now.

Ms. Marvel

This morning I went to town for a cuppa and an apricot croissant to accompany me in catching up on a few comics. Ms. Marvel is a WONDER. It’s garnered a lot of attention for being about a Muslim teenager (the letters page in #2 are lovely) but even aside from that awesomeness, it’s well-written with gorgeous art and I can’t get enough of it. Can’t wait for #3.

My Nintendo 3DS

I bought it from work second-hand and haven’t really stopped since. I’ve played lots of Pokemon Black then moved on to Zoo Tycoon and now I’m having a good go at Super Mario Brothers. There’s a reason I won’t let myself get seriously into gaming; I know I’d lose years of my life to it and I need to knit!

Speaking of which…

Knitting Sweaters

I’m currently knitting a very nice sweater/jumper for someone close to me and it’s making me happy. Of course I can’t actually tell you what pattern or show you photos in case said person visits my blog but that will be coming soon. There’s something very satisfying about making something so substantial and useful. I’m also going to start a mini-one for someone else soon.

My New Laptop

It’s nothing flashy but I’ve needed one for a long time. I got it super cheap but it has a full keyboard which means I don’t have to copy/paste the V into my words. Which, considering ctrl+v is paste, was especially annoying. Plus it has a webcam!



2 thoughts on “Enter the Geek

  1. I get things like that too all the time, especially from guys. I think it’s because a “geek” is such a preconceived notion that they really don’t expect anyone to fall outside of that box (I wouldn’t even say I’m a total geek though). I’m not sure if people are surprised I knit, I don’t think they are either.


    1. It’s strange how people think a person who reads comics/watches sci-fi etc should look a certain way. Especially these days when it’s so much more socially acceptable! 🙂


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