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Fun at the Late Shows 2014

If you live in Newcastle (or the North-east in general) and you haven’t been to the Late Shows, you’re missing out. I couldn’t go last year as I was in Weymouth but this year I headed out after work, tired as I was, and planted myself in the Knit Studio.

I’m very fortunate that my current LYS is based in such a gorgeous old place. Blackfriars is full of history, tucked away right in the centre of Newcastle but like another world once you step into it. I still remember the first time I found the Knit Studio; I couldn’t believe my luck that there was such a lovely yarn shop in my (temporary) immediate area. Even better, the owner is lovely and so are all the others who come to the knit groups.

We all sat around the table knitting and being sideshows for any passing visitors. A few took photos of us like we were genuinely there as some kind of stage act; that was a bit disconcerting. Still, it was a pleasant evening with some gin drinks from the Tea Owls and some folk music from some very talented women. I felt super fancy.

Though I was exhausted I had to stay until it got dark. This is why:


the late shows

The whole magical place was decorated beautifully. Unfortunately I was in a rush for the bus so I didn’t get any pictures of the amazing little knitted critters everyone has been churning out: there are turtles, giraffes, octopuses, cats, all sorts. Knitters are a creative bunch and events like this bring it out in them.

Unfortunately you’ve missed the chance to see the Late Shows this year but bear it in mind for next year. I’m surprised by how many people in the area don’t know about it and I think that’s a shame. I’ll be in Canada this time next year so I won’t be going again which just means living vicariously through others!


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