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Yarn Day

Leaving Newcastle isn’t easy. It’s been tough being away from my life (and partner) in Canada but whilst I’ve been whiling away the hours (and days and weeks and months) here I’ve found some lovely people. On Saturday I spent a lot of time with Rachael doing yarny things. I’ve written about our adventures before and today was just as fun.

We started out the day having a delicious (and free) breakfast at a place near my house then headed to the Yarn Garden, a little gathering held in The Beacon in Newcastle.

Yarn Day 013


The owners were very friendly and there were some gorgeous yarns around. Very cool. I won’t be going back since I will be thousands of miles away pretty soon but it was nice to check it out before I had to leave.

It had been sunny up until this point but when we left it started looking quite dreary. This necessitated a very English midday changing of clothes so I got my boots on and let Rachael pick through my yarn to take what she wanted out of what I needed to leave behind. She helped me drag two big sacks full of clothes and yarn to a charity shop after that because I can only take to Canada what I can fit on the plane.

Don’t worry, I’ve kept enough yarn to last me a long time. I have a problem. A yarn addiction that cannot be quelled.

Next up was a haircut and some lunch from the market at Monument, followed by a trip to The Knit Studio. As I’ve mentioned before I handed in my notice at work for the Friday so that I could go here on the Saturday; it’s been an important part of my life for the past eighteen months. Everyone is so friendly and kind and wonderful. I got a couple of lovely card and Ann, the owner of the Knit Studio, gave me this charming knitted fellow:

Yarn Day 019


Let’s take a closer look at him because he’s (or she?) is absolutely adorable. Please note the knobbly knees. I am dead of the cute.

Yarn Day 017


It was sad to say goodbye to them all and I got a bit emotional. Goodbyes are always tricky and this is a lot of goodbyes at once. Of course in the days of the internet I’ll be able to keep in touch with them easily enough and I will not be without knitting groups in Ontario but my heart still aches to leave such a wonderful place and lovely people behind.

That’s the biggest thing that attracted me to knitting after all; the community of it.

Saying goodbye to Travelling Man was awful too. It’s my local comic book shop and quite aside from giving me my fix of delicious comics every week they also have really friendly and welcoming staff. If you’re a Newcastle (or North-East in general) geek I highly recommend a trip there. I picked up Black Widow, Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel and She-Hulk. So many good comics out at the moment! I’ll catch up with Iron Man and X-Men once I’m back in Canada since my girlfriend reads them too.

The Green Festival was in full swing so Rachael and I plodded and squelched on over there through the pouring rain.

Yarn Day 027


It was full of shiny things in stalls but though Rachael and I hid under a shelter for a while hoping the rain would calm down, it did not. The mud was getting ridiculous and both of us were nervous about the prospect of thunder so we took at selfie and headed home.

Yarn Day 029


The perfect end to the day happened: we watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (SAVE FERRIS) and ate chocolate muffins from Gregg’s. Then I said goodbye to yet another excellent person. It’s getting tiring having to do that so much lately.

On the plus side it means that in less than two weeks I will be home in Canada. I will be with my girlfriend and our cats and our dog. I will be able to eat Timbits. (Priorities, man.)

The goodbyes are hard but I’m finally getting my dream come true at the same time.


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