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Pattern Gathering: Bookmarks

As often happens when you’re in the middle of something big that should be taking up all your time, I spent a lot of time reading as a good escape from worrying about going through immigration in Canada. There are so many things I want to read at the moment that I can’t swallow books quickly enough.

In case you’re wondering, immigration was surprisingly easy.

In honour of reading, my first and most long-running love, I’ve collected a few awesome patterns to show you guys. Go check them out and all the others, too, since Ravelry is full of amazing ones.

Squashed Rat Knitted Bookmark

I have a sick sense of humour. This has tickled me greatly even though I love rats.

Swuished Rat

It is by Amalia Samios and is a $3.50 USD over here.

And it’s not even the only one of its ilk.

Flat Rat Knitted Bookmark


This one is by the designer Susan Glinert Stevens.

This one’s free! I love the little pokey noses.

If you’re not such a fan of the rodents, how are you with snakes? Look at the face on this mister and tell me that you can resist him. Go on, I dare you.

Crochet Snake Bookmark


By Little Owl’s Hut on Ravelry, $3.75 USD. You can try the first page free.

I think that’s a really lovely idea if you’re not sure on a pattern. It will reel people in.

This designer has all sorts of fabulous patterns. I’d recommend looking them up.

Crocheted Granny Bookmark


Now here’s something a little more traditional. Granny squares are classy (in moderation) and they’re easy, too.

Look how cute this one is in a variegated yarn. AND it’s free!

That should get you started. I’d recommend having a look at all the cute bookmarks you can find on the Ravelry pages; just think how perfect they would be for quick gifts. Most of these I plan on making for myself, though. Selfish knitting and all that.

Of course 90% of the time I try knitting something for myself and it ends up being for someone…


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    1. Ooh I bet there is! I’ve had a quick look and can’t find it but I bet it’s there somewhere. I’ll post it if I do find it. 🙂


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