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A Late Post! Socks etc

Yesterday I started my new job. All that training apparently got to me since when I finally made it home I ended up falling asleep on the sofa whilst listening to Gregory and the Hawk‘s original demo album and after a nap I am useless.

In other words… I forgot to write a blog entry. Sorry! I am doing my best to stick to a posting schedule which is actually really difficult for me. Hopefully this is a minor glitch in the system.

Tomorrow is my girlfriend’s birthday. She has developed a startling tendency to wear pink a LOT. Thankfully she also looks really good in it so I have knitted her some socks to go with the general attire.

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The yarn is Lang Jawoll, that fancy stuff with the little spool of thread tucked away in the inside to reinforce the heel and toe. I had to rip one of them back – the first one – since I made it too big and she has tiny feet. Hopefully these will be a good fit. They fit me but uncomfortably tight which is a good sign.

As for the pattern, anyone on Ravelry is likely to recognise that one. It’s the gloriously simple yet beautiful Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder. This pattern is perfect for when you want to watch some TV or talk while you’re knitting since it requires minimal thought and is lovely and intuitive. The only thing I changed is the cuff because I don’t like the look of 1×1 ribbing. I made 2×2 instead. I like how bold it looks.


These are not socks I would wear myself. Usually I don’t even like knitting with pink. Of course anyone who read my recent post will know why I made these. There were some really interesting comments on that – weirdly they didn’t get emailed to me to approve so they all went up a few days late, sorry about that! I was really interested in what everyone had to say.

That’s one of the great things about the knitting world. All you sparkly interesting knitters/crocheters/spinners out there with unique thoughts on topics!


4 thoughts on “A Late Post! Socks etc

  1. IT really is a wonderful pattern- unfortunately my last experience with using it on a massive pair of socks (72 stitches, 8.5 inches before increasing for the heel…) rather put me off it! I may use it again in a very long time!


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