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Thursday WIPs (Part 2)

This week has been intense. Starting a new job is always a stretch for the mind so I have spent most of my free time trying to chillax enough to manage the next day. It’s not a difficult position but it’s a lot of information to take in all at once.

All that means is that I haven’t had nearly as much time to knit as I would like.

Still, I’ve been inspired by talking about knitting with the people I work with who are all totally fascinated that two of us (my friend Ashley is a knitter) both knit and crochet when it’s clearly a thing only the Olds do. I brought in my sock to prove them wrong today.



These are my projects right now.

1. The sock is going well – I’ve just successfully turned the heel. I’ve been writing the pattern out as I go but didn’t write instructions for the gusset so I’ll have to do that on my next sock. I hate how the yarn is playing out on the sole but since the stitch pattern would be uncomfortable underneath I’m just not looking too hard at it.

2. I bought some cotton from The Little Green House which was my first ever LYS and now will be once more. I’m knitting some dishcloths in moss stitch despite hating knitting moss stitch because logic! *jazz hands* Still, moss stitch is pretty once it’s done I suppose.

Hopefully next week I’ll have at least one of the socks done. I don’t work the weekend at the moment – although I have enough plans that it won’t make much difference in the long run. 

A dishcloth or two should be manageable at least.

What’s on your needles/hook this week?


8 thoughts on “Thursday WIPs (Part 2)

  1. LOL @ “because logic”! I actually love moss stitch, something about the rhythm of knit/purl is delightful to me. And good for you, showing co-workers that cool people knit & crochet too!


    1. I do love the look of moss stitch. I think it’s pretty. Knitting it is less fun though, I don’t know why. 1×1 ribbing drives me insane too.

      Once a previous coworker told me that he thought knitting was a myth 😛


  2. Urgh, I really don’t like moss stitch either, but it really is pretty when done (doesn’t mean I’d ever actually knit it!) Hope that you get used to the new job, and so can spend more time knitting as time goes on


    1. You are on my wavelength then. Except tired me decided that yes, matching multicoloured moss stitch dishcloths would be ADORABLE. Damnit.

      Thank you. 🙂 A new job always takes a while to feel normal I think!


  3. I really should give socks a go sometime soon.

    I’ve got a lace shawl on the go (that I’ve had to restart about three times now) and a Hufflepuff Hogwarts scarf, which I’ve actually wanted to knit forever but that’s the ‘I’m not in any rush’ project.


    1. You should definitely try socks! They are lots of fun and the heel is way less scary than people say.

      Ooh a lace shawl. Which one? I’ve never knit myself a Harry Potter scarf but one day I should do that. Ravenclaw colours. 🙂


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