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Thursday Follow

This week has been slow on the knitting front so instead of WIPs I’ll share a couple of my favourite fellow knitting bloggers.

First up there’s Peacefully Knitting, one of two bloggers I enjoy enough to always read their new posts as they arrive in my email inbox no matter where I am at the time. Tina posts beautiful pictures (she’s into Zentangling right now which is fun) and always seems to have something interesting to say.

She’s one of those knitters that inspires me to keep going and get better since her knitting is absolutely gorgeous. Look at her most recent creation here which is simple yet stunning.

The second I’m sharing today is Knit the Hell Out, another seriously talented knitter who always inspires me. I read her posts with excitement every time to see what gorgeous creations she’s going to show off today. Cassy is one of those interesting and varied people who grabs your attention, just what you need in a blogger!

Have a gander at this adorable top she knitted recently. Absolutely lovely.

I’m very lucky to be in a community of people with some very talented individuals. All you have to do is take a look at all the skilled knitters who blog and there’s inspiration right there!


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