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The Uses of Knitting

Knitting doesn’t always need to be pragmatic. We love a good soft toy shaped like a hobbit or a keyring shaped like a cat butt. Oh, and all those lacy shawls. The majority of my life was spent not knowing shawls made it out of the Nineteenth Century alive so I’m fairly certain we could do without those if pushed. Part of the joy of knitting in modern times is that we can indulge these faintly ridiculous urges to create superfluous things and it’s a part I love.

Sometimes, however… sometimes you just want to make something simple and useful.

On that note I knitted a couple of dishcloths last week as a way to avoid knitting my socks, despite the fact I am greatly enjoying my socks. Logic! It’s fine though because after a brief fling with this dishcloth cotton the alpaca blend sock yarn in the ugly colourway has squirmed its way back into my Moomin bag to be hauled around with me as much as possible.

Anyway. Dishcloths.

July 010

You see that big dollop of something on one? That is a sign of a well-used object. Well, it’s the sign of an alien invasion at best since I have no idea what we were eating that could cling to a dishcloth so tightly it survives a hot wash in the communal laundry room, but there you go. These dishcloths are happy knitting. They are knitting with purpose. They are also a very cheerful colour and satisfyingly crunchy.

God, I love cotton.

Also, assuming I’m not the only knitter who is late to the podcast party, I thought I would say a bit more about my recent fixation. Knitting podcasts are totally useful and a brilliant idea. Reading whilst knitting is possible but not easy so being able to listen to the audible version of a blog post is a perfect way to sit and spend some quality time on your current WIP.

There are times when you cannot knit, shocking as it may sound. It’s completely impossible to knit with an in-training dog’s leash in one hand, so knitting podcasts can feel like you’re indulging your fibre craft hobby (read: obsession) when actually you’re walking down a path that smells slightly of sun-baked dog poo.

Never Not Knitting is sweet enough and I enjoyed the gentle tones. It was just the thing for an evening walk and the theme tune is funny. However I’m going to try a few older ones because the newer seem to be primarily advertising patterns with the only real content being stories from other people so I’ll check out if that’s true further back too.

The Knitmore Girls is a mother and daughter chatting about knitting. These two fabulous ladies are the ones who made me realise just how interesting and fun a knitting podcast could be. They’re charming and clearly talented. I just love their passion that bleeds all the way through their discussions. I’ll be listening to more of them. Thankfully there are extensive archives!

And since I made my way out of the knitting podcast world and got totally sucked in, there’s one more podcast I should mention as my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE.

Welcome to Night Vale. Stay away from the dog park.

On a more charitable non-knitting note my friend Ruth linked to this wonderful fundraiser. Now thanks to a mix up at work I have 48 cents left in my account so I’m not much use at the moment but if you want to fund an interesting and innovative way to detect malaria, click on through and check it out.


2 thoughts on “The Uses of Knitting

  1. You really do have to love knitting insane things- yes, I have recently finished knitting a shawl, and I hate wearing them, in general. I have no idea if this one will get worn or not, but hey, it’s pretty and has beads! What’s not to love?


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