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Who is Romoe?

Wandering through the creekside trial with the dog every day is a good way to unwind. I’ve been listening to Welcome to Night Vale on our walks lately so it’s rather apt to see bizarre and slightly surreal images like a dragonfly eating a littler fly:


Or even better, the epic love story and disaster that is this chunk of dead wood:



Who is Romoe? Was he Romeo’s cousin, the first to get a look in at Juliet? I love to imagine the kid who wrote this realising they’d butchered the name of one of Shakespeare’s most notable characters. Look how fervently they have scribbled it out.

I also enjoy how the knot in the wood dots the i.

In knitting news, I have… well. I made a grave mistake on the sock. I was halfway down the foot when I realised that I had been doing the pattern stitches on the sole as well as the arch which, as any sock-wearer will know, is a recipe for discomfort and badly-wearing socks. So I huffed and I puffed and I tinked that sock back. That’s roughly three to five hours of work completely wasted.

Needless to say the sock and I are on a temporary break.

To get over my anger I’ve started crocheting the Chevron Lace cardigan pattern out of some gorgeous pink laceweight with a 5.5mm hook, size small. It will be light pink and glittery so heaven knows if I’ll keep it for myself. Maybe. They say it gets cold at work and this merino blend will certainly warm me up.



Picture from the Ravelry page.

I made it once before years ago back when I didn’t even know how to knit. It was for a friend and somehow I promptly lost it. Still to this day I have no idea where it went.

Since a couple of days of work has already brought me past the armpits I doubt it’s going to take me long to finish and then I’ll go back to my socks.



13 thoughts on “Who is Romoe?

      1. I feel like the ‘my gauge too tight’ part is a knitting pun that I’m just not getting unfortunately! These hands are yet to knit .. But I’m slowly leaning towards it.


  1. Oh thank you for the link to the crocheted cardi, I love it and will have to try making one. I understand about your socks. I had to almost start over on the mate I’m working on.


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