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Thursday Follow pt 3

Here I am again offering up some blogs for you to peruse at your leisure, hand-picked from the embarrassingly large amount I read. I mean, looking at my search history you might think I’m some kind of knitting fanatic or something. Ahem.

Of course ‘fanatic’ doesn’t quite cover it in reality. I spend a lot of time reading and writing about knitting. As it stands I’m fairly certain I spend more time actually knitting, especially since I knit while I read knitting blogs half the time.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Okay. Onto this week’s blogs.

First there’s Hard Knit Life. This is a recent discovery of mine but I’m enjoying the posts. Amongst pictures showing some real talent there are also posts with some lovely technique tips. What more could you want?

Then we have So Knit Some. I think the word best suited to this blog is elegant. I truly enjoy scrolling through her well-put-together posts and reading snippets of her life among her creations. Absolutely lovely.

The final blog today is one most of you will know and if you don’t, you need to. That’s right: Yarn Harlot. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is pretty much the patron saint of knitting. Her blog is made of sheer delight. I’ve been reading it for years and she never bores me.

Compiling these links makes me realise how lucky us knitters and crocheters are to have such a wonderful community around us. So many people with so much passion pouring out onto the page. It really makes me proud to have carved out my own little piece of this niche and it’s no wonder I spend so much time reading knitting blogs when there are so many good folk out there writing them!


6 thoughts on “Thursday Follow pt 3

  1. Yay, more new blogs to ogle! And only knitting half the time whilst reading kn8itting blogs? I think that the only time I don’t knit whilst reading knitting blogs is when I’m actually eating breakfast!


    1. Haha that’s impressive! Sometimes I read knitting blogs when I’m too tired to knit but still want to, you know, surround myself with knitting.


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