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I Just Really Love Cotton Okay?

Maybe it’s the summer heat, maybe it’s just how my moods roll. Whatever it is I am one again totally smitten with the very existence of cotton. I bought some more recently whilst having a very enjoyable day out with fellow knitter and friend Ashley who is currently embarking upon her first sock.


In a previous swap I ordered some of this yarn for someone who had a total thing for it and now I understand why. It is glorious. It is thick and crunchy but still soft and the colours are just lovely.

Since I also bought some cheap bamboo straight needles to make small projects a little easier (all my circulars have really long cords), I immediately cast on another dishcloth. What? They’re useful, they’re quick, they’re ultimately satisfying and you can use oodles and oodles of cotton! What more could you want?

The purple cotton will be a Welcome to Night Vale dishcloth for reasons that need not be explained at this juncture. Uh. Did I just accidentally (or not) make a Due South reference when talking about Night Vale? That’s just too much semi-obscure awesome for one sentence. I’m abandoning this paragraph before it self-destructs.

Anyway, discloths are go.


And other projects but we don’t talk about that when they’re for a secret swap. It’s all hush hush. Just like the dog park.

Don’t look at the dog park.


8 thoughts on “I Just Really Love Cotton Okay?

  1. Love the purple, in particular. I fear we may have to agree to disagree on the cotton thing, though. I’ve always found cotton a bit stubborn and unbiddable. You can get away with more when you’re using wool. Maybe I’m just not a very good knitter. *sigh*


    1. Cotton doesn’t have much give, you’re right. I’ve never really knit much beyond dishcloths with it except back when I was obsessed with bamboo cotton. I can say with authority though that you ARE a very good knitter!


    1. Oh you are! You should grab a skein and try it out. Best thing is that dishcloth cotton is super cheap and if you like crunchy softness it’s a delight 🙂


  2. Dishcloths are my go-to project for my purse. love those colours; I may own them myself.

    Due South was one of my favourite shows; I still watch the reruns from time to time. Thank you kindly for the reminder. 🙂


    1. I’ve discovered knitting dishcloths at work is handy because I don’t have to think about it much. Plus I get to squish cotton when I’m feeling stressed!

      Aaah Due South. It makes me so happy. I just did a rewatch of season three – I love Ray Kowalski so hard.


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