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Wonderful Things

There are many reasons to be happy these days. I am finally living where I was always meant to be with the woman I have loved my entire adult life (and a large chunk of my teens, too). We are surrounded by fantastic animals who brighten up my day with cuddles and long walks. I have access to two brilliant yarn stores even if I can’t really afford yarn right now (which is okay because I still haven’t used my Wollmeise). Marvel is spewing out movies and comics left, right and centre which makes me a happy bunny.

Point is: life is pretty good.

It helps that the internet is so full of interesting things lately. My complete and utter obsession with Welcome To Night Vale has been the highlight of that and I’ll be writing a post on just why you should be listening to it if you’re not already, especially if you’re queer and/or a surreal horror fan like myself.

Art by Elicadragon
Art by Elicadragon

One such wondrous thing I have discovered is that Jasika Nicole, the awesome and adorable lady who played Astrid Farnsworth in the epic series Fringe, not only voices Intern Dana on Welcome to Night Vale but also is an amazing comic artist. It’s heavy on queer representation and is totally sweet in the most glorious way so go read Closetalkers immediately.

Times like these make me wonder what I would be like without the internet being around as it has been. I would never have met my lovely girlfriend so would (presumably) still be living in England. Deeper still, I might not have realised I’m gay for a lot longer. Willow and Tara’s kiss gave me a slight clue but without furious internet searches about homosexuality as a result, where would I be?


Of course I would still be a complete geek but without easy access to other fans of similar things, would I feel like a freak for getting so obsessed over things like podcasts and comics? Not that podcasts would exist!

And knitting. Would I have taken to it so strongly without a community and pattern database like Ravelry to egg me on and push me forward? Without knitting blogs to read? Without youtube to teach me how to do a long-tail cast on?

I know people still managed these things long before the internet came around and I know I would have managed fine anyway. It’s just strange to think how differently I would have found my path if I had grown up in a time where we didn’t have the internet. Especially since I almost missed it, generationally speaking: I still remember the dial-up creaking and blipping!

The world is full of wondrous things and the internet reflects that. I guess today I’m just feeling especially glad to have this community. So thank you, people who read and comment and post their own awesome stuff. You make my path much clearer.


6 thoughts on “Wonderful Things

  1. This came at a perfect time for me- I’ve recently decided to be happy (it’s so much easier than it sounds 🙂 ) and I completely hadn’t thought about the internet and how it makes everything so much easier 🙂 Definitely something to be very happy about!


  2. Health and happiness are so important. The internet is the icing on the cake! I’d often be lost without the assistance of Ravelry. I’m glad it helped you to discover your sexual orientation. I only know from second-hand from a friend that the general expectations of the way the world turns make it harder to clarify feelings and uncertainties about oneself when you feel you might be gay.


    1. I think Ravelry has saved many a knitter’s sanity.

      Yeah, the expectations of normality definitely make realising you’re in the minority not all that easy. I’m lucky though; my whole process was relatively smooth and I have a very open family. 🙂


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