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Thursday Follow pt 4

Follow Thursday is an offering to anyone looking for good knitting and craft-related blogs to peruse. Check out the tag on the post to see previous ones.

First up today we have The Twisted Yarn who has been MIA for a while so I’m pleased to see her posting again. Quite aside from having the most awesome blog banner ever (seriously I love it) she’s super sweet and very talented.

The Weekend Knitter is one of those blogs always filled with such pretty pictures. Scrolling through the posts is always a joy. It makes me want to reach through and pet the pretty things that are posted.

A blog I recently discovered is D’Nali: The Diary. I have a supreme soft spot for people who share not only their crafting prowess but also their real lives and opinions. Especially when they’re witty and entertaining!

Aaaah, guys. There are so many awesome blogs out there I get a little overwhelmed. Why are there so many interesting and talented people out there?

Not that I’m complaining. It would make this post a lot harder if there weren’t.


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