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Vastra and Jenny: Shut Up About Them, Please

The new season of Doctor Who is upon us and it is glorious. There is so much to be excited about; a new Doctor, a new Clara (in terms of being fleshed out and interesting rather than a plot point), lots of darkness.

Of course Doctor Who fans are notorious for not liking anything that ever happens on the show to the point of it being sort of impressive the show has gone so long and remained so popular. Every time there’s a new Doctor people freak out. Every time there’s a new companion the same thing happens. Considering the show is, at its core, completely about change why are people so shocked when it happens?

Gay, gay, gay.

This time, however, it’s not bemoaning Capaldi’s Doctor that is the trend. It is pointing out how Madam Vastra and Jenny are in a lesbian marriage and not at all subtle about it. I need to be clear here: they think it’s a bad thing, or at best a piece of clumsy writing.

Let me get this out there right away: no one would care if they were a heterosexual couple. Seriously. No one is annoyed at Zoe and Wash for being so obvious about their relationship. We see them naked and everything! How dare they flaunt their sexuality like that! Why, Firefly may as well be a porno for all that post-marital kissing!

The people who protest against this don’t think they’re being homophobic but guys, they really are. You know what is more annoying than a not-subtle same-sex relationship? Being told well after the books finished that Dumbledore was gay which means absolutely zilch when it’s not included in the text. You know what? Same-sex marriage is a big thing in the world right now. It’s important. It’s on people’s minds. These things don’t have to be radical and/or between the lines now.

As for it being clumsy writing? Please. Explain that to me.

Because all I’m hearing is “But they’re too GAY! Why are they FLAUNTING it!”.

So please shut up about Madam Vestra and Jenny’s relationship. Unless you’re commenting on how awesome they are and/or where to find veils like that.

Or at least come up with an original reason not to like them.


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