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Another Swap Adventure

Despite always telling myself I won’t get involved in another knitting swap, I once again plunged myself into the mystery depths of knitting for a stranger that always stresses me out. It was good fun once I got past the intense fear of being generally rubbish. It always is; there’s a pleasure in knitting for someone you’re 99% sure will appreciate it due to the context.

My package went out on Monday. The one sent to me in return arrived a couple of days ago and it is splendorous.

The theme was Lord of the Rings. It was a mini-swap meaning it was much quicker and lower-budget than the big ones. It was also a secret swap which meant you don’t find out who is your gifter until the parcel arrives. It adds an element of intrigue and mystery to an already fraught exchange that actually makes it even more fun for me.

My partner was Azpidistra (I have no link). Here’s what I received:


The shawl is adorable. It’s very hobbit-y and drapes nicely around my shoulders. She also knitted me a little beard (because even female dwarves have them). Then there’s the yarn which is in a beautiful pale denim colour; I’ve already started knitting a snuggly shawl with it for the cold office at work. Also included was a cute card and some simply delicious chocolate.

This is not the first swap I’ve been involved in. They’re almost always fun and this was no exception. I just can’t wait for my giftee to receive her package!

Have you ever been involved in a knitting swap?


5 thoughts on “Another Swap Adventure

  1. Yes I have and I have to say, swapping on Ravelry has restored my faith in ventures like secret gift giving, Kris Kringle and the like. Before my Ravelry swaps, I always gave a great gift only to get a “WTH” kind so I stopped. Now because of the thoughtfulness of Ravelers, it’s been success after success. If I could have afforded to do it, I’d swap all the time.

    Yours is just lovely and so very thoughtful. Enjoy!!!


    1. Oooh you wouldn’t have to worry about that. You’re very talented. And because it’s all knitters you have that atmosphere of appreciating a handmade gift no matter what anyway. 🙂


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