Pink and Glittery

Sometimes it is possible to be drawn to a complete anomaly. Say you are the type of person (like me) who is drawn to silky textures and rich dark colours. One day you will happen across some pale pink glittery and slightly fluffy yarn and it will demand to come home with you.

I have had this yarn (by Hambley, a dyer local to where I bought it) for a year or more. It has tried to be a few different things. It was originally going to be a jumper for my little sister actually, though it decided that was not what it wished to be. In the end I pulled out a crochet hook and started a Chevron Lace Cardigan, one of the first patterns I ever tried back in the days when I didn’t even like knitting all that much. 2011 was a strange time. Especially since my bedroom ate that cardigan and I have never ever found it again, not even when I packed up the whole room and donated half of it.

Hopefully this cardigan doesn’t go missing so easily.

Lace top 001

I stopped at waist length because I have a very thin middle bit compared to the rest of me and always appreciate an item of clothing that shows that off. I kept the sleeves at cap length because I crocheted a sleeve on one of the sides and put it to the vote with my coworkers; cap sleeves won by a long shot.

And because I very rarely post photos of myself of this blog, why not have a front shot? Even if you can’t really see much of the cardigan, you get the idea of it. It’s subtle and cute and way more glittery than the photo suggests.

Lace top 002


Apparently everything I’m wearing today has to be wonky. I don’t even know. I swear I know how to dress myself.

This isn’t my usual sort of project. It was something mindless to crochet at work and honestly, it doesn’t look all that great on me. Not as great as it would look on some people I know so I think I’ll be finding a new home for it at some point soon.

Despite that I am still pleased with it and even more pleased that not making the sleeves left me enough yarn to make some super classy fingerless gloves at some point. Gloves that glitter. Who wouldn’t want that?




9 thoughts on “Pink and Glittery

    1. Thank you! I may still gift it to someone (I usually do…) but we’ll see. Yeah, I get to knit and crochet and read – since we’re on the phones it’s a good way to pass the time and stops me from losing my temper.


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