Getting Ready for Giftmas

My girlfriend’s co-worker keeps track of how many weeks until that great glittery holiday descends upon us in a cloud of noxious carols. Apparently this is a thing people do since she is not at all the only one.

I do not know how many weeks it is until Christmas and nor do I want to in case I invoke that well-known fear of every disorganised knitter: that there are not enough days left between now and the season of giving-all-the-things to make the deserving few adequate presents.

Now, I am a selfish knitter by some definitions. I don’t knit for someone else unless I want to which is more out of necessity than anything else. Even if someone else buys the yarn, pays me, then sits back with no deadline, I freak out. A weird form of stage-fright consumes me. I cannot knit on command any more than I can breakdance. It means that I only knit for those I choose and sometimes not even then.

Not many people will be getting knitted gifts this year although I already have two prepared. Maybe I’ll have time to squeeze a few more in before a rampant snowman engulfs me.

I’ll be posting pictures of the finished projects as they appear, mostly because otherwise I’m unlikely to have much to say. I will not, however, be telling you who they are for on the off-chance that lovely person ever glances in this direction. That almost counts as secrecy, right? Because I’m really bad at surprises.




Yes, that’s Captain America on the wall behind me. For those of you who know me you can made a sound guess that that’s not my side of the bed. Ew, Cap. (I have Spider-Man watching over me while I sleep, for the record.)

Have you started your Christmas(/seasonal holiday) gifts yet?



7 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Giftmas

  1. Yes, yes I have started my Christmas presents already! One of my birthday resolutions was to finish presents early enough to not freak out over them, so I planned them out in July 😛 It’s going pretty well atm too, which is always nice 🙂 Nice hat too, btw


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