Sheep & Goats & Llamas, Oh My!

Since I’m working on my actual birthday (Thursday) we decided to celebrate a few days early by going to the Orono Fair. We went last year while I was visiting for two weeks so it was extra fun to know I’m here in Ontario for good this time.

There were lots of cute animals. I’m not gonna lie, that’s 90% of the reason I like going. The other 10% consists of weird shaped carrots, bad but delicious fair food (mmm, caramel apples), and of course the knitting and craft displays. I would really like to enter one of those competitions next year; I’m going to look into it.

The best part of the fair this year was my new boyfriend Tony the kissing llama. 

Orono Fair 2014 115

Previous encounters with llamas have left me vaguely terrified (despite fully planning on getting a guard llama for my future alpaca herd), but this dude was chill. He was so soft and fluffy and totally friendly. When you tapped your cheek he would come and peck you gently. Basically, this clever guy has figured out that anthropomorphised displays of affection result in food – or in his mind, ‘press cheek, treats come out’. 

Orono Fair 2014 005

This is Ozzy the therapy alpaca. He is a cutie. Very friendly and sweet although far more interested in the cows he could see past his pen than he was in us.

Orono Fair 2014 012

Ozzy likes to pose. Or just chew on the metal; we’re not quite sure. Either way this is proof that alpacas are seriously goofy-looking animals and I want them. I want them all. I want them all in mine and Nari’s hobby farm that we planned all day yesterday.

Orono Fair 2014 048

We saw a sheep getting naked but it was quite traumatising. She got a huge cut down her middle and the lady had blood all over her overalls. Aside from that it was interesting enough to watch it happen, although I felt quite uneasy afterwards.

Orono Fair 2014 070

Another picture of Tony, my new best buddy. Please note the huge rabbit chilling with him. They were good friends. Not as close as Tony and I though. 

Orono Fair 2014 078

“Hey. You got any food?”

Orono Fair 2014 085

“Seriously, dude, you can’t come in here without treats.”

Orono Fair 2014 139

This is my other buddy, Tiny Goat. Tiny Goat was a persistent little mister who definitely showed his species’s tendency to climb all the things as he leapt up onto my lap to grab the cone that contained the treats we had. He was trying to eat my face in this picture. I attempted to stash him in my bag and take him home but unfortunately there was no room past the emergency knitting I bring everywhere.

Orono Fair is a lot of fun, even if I got a bit of a side-eye for choosing it to celebrate my birthday. 

That evening I also got a Beaver Tail with candles in it. I wish I had a picture of that because it was totally adorable and really sweet of everyone since I love Beaver Tails (big friend pastries with gooey things on it) but as I munched on a caramel apple on the way home I was already stuffed. We shared out the Beaver Tail and I opened my gifts which was a SHIELD mug (yay!), some ‘Almoose asleep’ pyjamas, a bath bomb, a Michaels gift card, and some green Romney handspun yarn which is gorgeous and will be shown off later.

All in all it was a good pre-birthday celebration.

By the way, if any of you guys wanted to do the online equivalent of buying me a cuppa to celebrate another lap around the sun, I do have a Kindle wishlist.

Orono Fair 2014 073

How could I leave out the Jacob sheep?


6 thoughts on “Sheep & Goats & Llamas, Oh My!

  1. Happy Birthday!!!
    For some reason, it appears that the kindle items are not available to gift? “This item cannot be purchased as a gift at this time” “…gifting is not yet offered in the Kindle store…”


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