A Birthday and A Doctor

On 11th September I completed my 27th lap around the sun. This involved celebrations that would ensure a continued existence. My girlfriend cooked us some delicious clam chowder and proved that she is superior to the vast majority of humans by uttering the phrase “I’m going to add extra bacon”. Then she disappeared into the bathroom and emerged somehow with a chocolate truffle cake with 20 candles, thereby making me feel much younger. Very kind, that one.

After stuffing ourselves silly we settled down with our laptops for our usual hard night of partying and adventure (aka sitting in comfortable silence) and had cups of tea in a fancy teapot out of fancy china cups.

You wanna bet I stuck my pinkie out.


Lately I haven’t been able to buy much yarn (except a couple cakes of dishcloth cotton) so at least I got a skein of it for my birthday. Watch out later in the week for its debut onto this blog – I think I’ve decided what to knit with it. The only problem is what to watch while I’m doing it as I have now officially run out of Due South to rewatch. My life is devoid of mounties and Chicago cops once more. After an enjoyable evening watching Doctor Who with a friend I’m thinking of starting that series again.

This time I’ll start with David Tennant: I’ve rewatched Christopher Eccleston’s episodes so many times I’m burnt out on him. Sorry, Nine. You’re fabulous but I need a break.

Which brings me to the second point: I LOVE the new Doctor. Love him. Twelve is a dick, standoffish, angry. He’s morally (and literally!) grey. He is not the big kid we’ve grown to know and love.

It’s amazing.


Not only is Peter Capaldi doing an excellent job with his attack eyebrows, he’s also creeping me out pretty much constantly. I like that ambiguity in a character where you’re not entirely certain whether you would want to be in the same room with them or not. I like that he’s brittle and doesn’t like touching but still so obviously cares.

I also love Clara. They’ve installed a character into her now, updating her previous ‘flat plot point’ status from before. Good job, Doctor Who Writing Team. Keep it up.

Is anyone else watching? What do you think? And what are you knitting while you watch it?


12 thoughts on “A Birthday and A Doctor

  1. The last episode made the hairs stand up on my arms – so creepy, but so lovely!
    I am glad you had a great birthday, and I can’t wait to see which yarn you got!
    On a side note, I have been knitting more socks (two more pairs to be precise) and working on my afghan squares when I am watching something super important (=doctor who).


    1. I was groping around on the floor for something last night in bed then remembered the episode and my hand shot so fast back under the covers! So creepy but delightful, you’re right.
      Oooh more socks! Awesome. And yes. Doctor Who is the most important. I really need to go back and binge it.


  2. Belated birthday greetings! I haven’t watched Dr Who since I was a wee girl (it was ‘just a programme’ way back then!) I don’t watch British TV here (would have to pay or sign up illegally) but do listen to many serials etc on the BBC via the internet. I find that listening and knitting are far more productive than watching and knitting 😉


  3. Happy belated birthday to a fellow Virgo! Enjoy the Dr Who–Tennant is my favorite, though I haven’t seen much of Capaldi yet (and I have to confess, I am not a true Whovian. My family watches it and I pretend I don’t like it).


    1. Thank you! Tennant was my first so I hold a soft spot for him but I’m not going to lie, I like whoever is on screen at the time. I’m a fickle Whovian!


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