Three Months in Ontario

Friday was the three month anniversary of moving back to Ontario. The first time I’d lived here three months I was a quarter of the way through my time in the country; now I’m here for good. And boy is it good.

Aside from the obvious benefits of being on the same continent as the person I love, it’s great to get settled in with the other people I had missed. The places too.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time with The Knit Studio lot in Newcastle but it’s also nice to be back visiting The Little Green House in Whitby and today I worked a couple hours there which was good fun. Especially since it went straight into buying myself some yarn which I’ve been unable to do much since I got here.

Yarn haul 006

This is Berroco Ultra Alpaca. It’s a little more greeny than it looks in this picture. I have three skeins and it’s going to be transformed into the Brandywine Falls shawl which I’ve wanted to make for years and haven’t started yet. I’m casting on right now.

I haven’t knit with Berroco much before but this alpaca blend is super soft and a gorgeous colour. It’s slightly the wrong weight and I don’t have the right needles but if it doesn’t look right, I’ll frog it and try something else. No biggie. Hopefully it will work out as the shawl is gorgeous. I remember looking at it years ago and wondering if I would ever be good enough to make it. Thanks to hours and hours of knitting for months and months it looks positively simple!

Yarn haul 003This is some Regia sock yarn. I’m not going to say anything else about it as it is destined to be a surprise gift for someone, although I will mention that whenever I think I’m not in the mood to knit socks I prove myself wrong.

Bonus feature of this picture: my cubics. They are my favourite DPNs by far. I don’t like knitting with metal but I break the bamboo DPNs every five rows or so which is where the lovely Knitter’s Pride needles come in. They are much more difficult to break. The cubics make my gauge ever so slightly looser too which helps with the wanton needle destruction.

While I was in Whitby I also perused a Heritage Fair thing that was happening, admiring all the small local businesses and their wares. I bought myself an all-natural lip balm from one stall. It’s minty.

I also met Tony again, my llama boyfriend.


Here he is with an ice-cream cone in his mouth. He was less amorous than before today unfortunately. I got zero kisses. Still I remain thoroughly enamoured of this llama who has changed my perception of the animals completely.

No matter how hard I try, Nari won’t agree to buy me one. Considering we’re in a basement apartment with not much spare room I suppose she has a point or two against it.

I still want one.

As a nice ending to a lovely day I went to Cupcake Junkie. Back when I worked at the mall a lovely lady called Jessica opened up a stall for a month selling cupcakes. She spoke of wanting to open a cafe so I was extremely pleased to realise she had opened it while I was away. Guys, it’s the cutest place ever. I had a tomato dip with bread that was just beautiful along with some coffee and a salted caramel cupcake. Delicious. It’s so exciting to see nice people realise their ambitions too! If you’re ever in Whitby and get the chance to visit, go! It’s lovely.

No I didn’t get pictures of the cupcake. I was to busy shoving it into my face.


4 thoughts on “Three Months in Ontario

  1. Berroco Ultra Alpaca is lovely stuff. I’m currently knitting up a collar cowl with it and its soft with just the right amount of fuzz. I bet it will feel lovely after a little soak in some eucalan.


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