Linen Stitch Meadow Bag

There is something soothing about linen stitch. When I started knitting I hated anything where you had to switch quickly between knit and purl. I didn’t like moss/seed stitch and I didn’t want to do 1×1 ribbing. Somehow that has changed and now I enjoy the rhythmic movements involved in most of these stitches.

I still hate 1×1 ribbing but that’s more of an aesthetic thing than anything. Give me 2×2 ribbing or give me death!

Linen stitch goes surprisingly quickly once you are used to it. Knit one, hold yarn in front, slip one, knit one, hold yarn in front, slip one. The stitches appear in no time at all despite the fact it’s like knitting half a row at a time.

The fabric you end up with looks almost woven. It doesn’t stretch vertically which makes it perfect for a bag. Knitted in the round (on an odd number of stitches) you don’t even have to pay attention to where you are in the row as it continues on indefinitely. It’s mindless and perfect for the absent-minded knitting you do when reading or watching a movie (or, if you’re me, working at a call centre).

Thanks to being at work during 90% of daylight hours I couldn't get a very good photo.
Thanks to being at work during 90% of daylight hours I couldn’t get a very good photo.

This bag is going to be a gift. I didn’t use a pattern. I might write up how I made it for anyone else trying to figure out how to use that yarn that’s not suitable for next-to-the-skin usage. It would look just as good in a gaudy colourway as it does in this gorgeous green tonal yarn.

Don’t you think it looks like a meadow? I could stitch some sheep on it. Some little flowers. It would be extra adorable.

First I’ll find myself a funky button to sew on the front. What’s a bag without a button?


12 thoughts on “Linen Stitch Meadow Bag

  1. Oh, I didn’t know that’s what linen stitch was! Yes, I’ve done that and do indeed love it. I think that’s what I’m using for the Madelinetosh Honey Cowl, and I like how quickly it knits up.


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