A New Online Knitting Toy

Wandering around the Twitterverse with all my lovely knitting buddies brings some interesting things to my bookmarks bar. Today it’s Yarnsub which might be my new favourite knitting tool online.

It’s a simple enough idea. Type in the yarn, find other yarns that would match up in fibre, weight, etc. It’s handy if you don’t particularly like the yarn a pattern calls for or if you have none of the necessary one in your stash/LYS and are looking for a substitute.

If you’re anything like me, it’s also a good way to waste half an hour randomly clicking through yarns and being struck by the urge to buy all of them even if that isn’t at all possible.


The layout is pleasing and simple. Here’s what I get when I search for Malabrigo Sock:


And here’s how the suggestions work:


Isn’t that the most useful thing ever?

The site is run by Wendy Peterson and her husband. Wendy runs the site Muddy Sheep and it’s one I’ve visited before. Sometimes despite the masses of us it does feel like the knitting world is very small!

What are your favourite online knitting tools?


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