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An Unexpected Hiatus

It turns out that changing my work schedule completely for the first time in months messed with my head. In the last week I have been unable to do anything useful whilst at home beyond walking the dog. I don’t even spend as much time knitting at home as I usually do due to the fact my job has become so quiet all of a sudden that I can get entire hats done in my shifts. I’ve knitted two in the last week plus most of a pair of socks.

The Brandywine Shawl I started a couple of weeks back has been quietly put aside. The mix of the pretty pattern plus the yarn with alpaca content just didn’t mix. It needs a yarn with some stitch definition so when I worked a couple of hours at Kniterary this Saturday I got some Cascade 220 in a lovely autumn orange. Sure, an orange shawl in an odd shape isn’t the most wearable of items but it’s not as though I’m averse to bright colours or weird clothes. I’m about to cast it on.

There’s a lot going on with my sticks and string lately but not much time to blog about it. This week I intend to get the hang of my new shifts and get back to normal service.

In penance (and in the spirit of the month), here’s a picture of some evil alpacas.


They’re watching you.


15 thoughts on “An Unexpected Hiatus

  1. Hope you’re going okay – perhaps a break is what was required? Hope you get back into the swing of things soon.

    I think those alpacas looks pretty cute, rather than evil! I think it’s their fluffiness that makes me feel that way ..


    1. I think sometimes a break is necessary, planned or otherwise. The alpacas WANT you to think they’re cute while they’re gnawing on your brains 🙂


  2. Sometimes a break isn’t a bad thing. Those alpacas have made my day. I especially love the very refined lady-looking one in the background. I never thought I’d feel jealous of an alpacas eyelashes 😉


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