The Rescued Mitts

Remember those mitts that got an unintentional coffee bath? They are looking good these days. The coffee may have stained but thankfully the colour suits it.

It took three washes in my unscented Soak and most of a day before these mitts smelled anything resembling good. Twelve hours doused in sugary, milky coffee does not lend itself to pleasant odours.

IMG_20141002_093333 IMG_20141002_093319

They were a modified version of the Sojourn mitts which is one of my favourite patterns. It’s simple and fun and taught me how to make a nice balanced and even thumb gusset. I finished my first pair in that pattern back in 2011 and still use them all the time.

I didn’t have enough yarn to make the full pattern this time so they’re much smaller and not nearly as pretty. Besides, the yarn I used (Malabrigo Sport in Jupiter, I believe) was too thick and they’re slightly too large for my tiny wrists. I still love these mitts though because they’re perfect for work.

And you can’t even tell they had a coffee bath. Result!


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