Catching the Knitting Bug

You might not think that a call-centre environment would be the place to find too much creativity. However, the monotonous work and the fact that your hands are free most of the time (yay headsets!) means that a mini knitting group has flourished at my workplace.

Out of nine people in my department, five people are knitters/crocheters. When we started I used to sit with my knitting happily stitching away and it has spread. There’s something about seeing someone else knit that makes everyone with the ability want to join in and it’s a lot of fun to sit in a group with our needles and hooks in hand, chatting away about our projects.

Credit: John Hunter
Credit: John Hunter

It’s like a knitting group that’s occasionally interrupted by customers. I’m also getting paid whilst knitting which is not quite like being paid to knit but good enough!

I know whenever I see anyone knitting it makes me want to join in. Scratch that – even seeing some nice knitted object makes me want to knit. Thankfully I’m rarely without a project on hand. I think it’s safe to say I’ve got a chronic case of the knitting bug and it’s infectious (just watch my coworkers!).


12 thoughts on “Catching the Knitting Bug

  1. I know what you mean! Making is a good for the soul and even better that your co-workers share your love for knitting! I don’t get to do as much knitting as I’d like but I do always have a small bag I can pick up and take anywhere with socks on the needles. When finished, they get put in my present drawer and the next pair are started!


  2. Glad to know you have a fiber friendly work environment. So many employers would look at you askance for this and it’s just too bad.


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