Preparing for Nanowrimo

It’s been more than a decade since someone suggested I try out NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. Every year since then I have sat down with my laptop on my knees and poured out a fifty thousand word story from somewhere inside my soul.


The last few years have been different. I have been growing in confidence and though I always win (minus one year), now I really feel as thought I’m writing something with substance. Usually I shut the novel on December 1st without finishing the story and never look at it again, pleased to have written so many words in so little time. I don’t think about the content.

The last two years I have basically written the same story but from scratch each time. This year I’m going to do the same; it’s a story that is itching to get out of me and I am going to have to go to drastic measures to ensure I follow it to its conclusion this time.

Yes, that’s right. I’m going to outline it.

I’m not much of a planner. I pick up projects, knitting included, and don’t think about the consequences. It has given me oceans of false starts but also worked out well on occasion. This year I need to change the way I face it or I will end up writing the same fifty thousand words over and over with no resolution and no chance of it turning into a book rather than a large and ignored Word file.

Writing is a lot like knitting. It is satisfying to watch a project grow, whether written or knitted, stitch by stitch and word by word. Unfortunately I am not great at getting to the equivalent of the cast-off edge in my writing. Somehow I am going to change that this year.

Is anyone else writing a speed novel this November?


13 thoughts on “Preparing for Nanowrimo

      1. I’m working on a series I call ‘Horsewomen of the Zombie Apocalypse’ which is aimed at a younger audience. I got a tad upset with the Zombie genre showing helpless women. Not all women are zombie bait. Nor will a horse roll over and die when bitten by any thing. I’ve got a couple of mares that would stomp the zombies into the ground without a pause.

        It’s fun series, but I need to finish books 3 and 4, so November should do it.

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      2. I’m working on a series of novellas entitled ‘Horsewomen of the Zombie Apocalypse’. I got frustrated with two tropes of the ZA – first that women are helpless zombie bait, or heartless bitches. Two that zombies can take out horses without a fight. I’ve got a little mare that would stomp a swarm of zombies and her mother has stomped dogs that attacked me. The pairing of horse and woman empowers both to a degree that ‘man and machine gun’ will never reach.

        We humans have nearly a 10k year partnership with horses that would withstand the ZA.

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      1. There will be! Just, mostly geeky game stuff rather than NaNo stuff (although, I’m pretty sure the number of character backgrounds I’m currently working on would bring the word count close…)


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