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Interesting Things & Epiphanies

These days I have time to browse Pinterest and see what interesting creations people have made. One of my favourite things about it is how people share their experiences and ideas about making knitting/crochet easier.

One such way is Ysolda’s method for counting stitches. The idea of lacing a piece of contrasting yarn through every ten stitches is so simple and yet so efficient. I really struggle with counting rows of stockinette and have no use for row counters when I doubt every time I’ve clicked it so this will be something I’ll be taking up.

There are other kinds of inspiration to be found. I love the idea of mixed media lately and have been thinking about it a lot, including a transatlantic collaboration that’s in its infancy with my good friend Sophie. Some of that is brought about by things I’m seeing on pinterest, like these artists who stitch over photographs. Such a lovely idea.


At the moment I really struggle with the idea of creating things that cannot be useful. It’s one of the reasons I knit so many hats and socks. However, things like this make me realise how effective art can be for its own sake and makes me want to create for no reason at all.

If you want to see more of what I discover on Pinterest, you can go follow me here.


11 thoughts on “Interesting Things & Epiphanies

  1. Excellent information. The counting stitches article is invaluable. I’m a big fan of mixed media in all forms of art. I’ve mixed yarn and leather in some of my knitwear. I also like beads and chains mixed with yarn. Pintrest can be a black hole at times, but you just have to force yourself to back away. LOL! 🙂


      1. I made a crocheted black jacket and added a brass zipper and sewed leather strips around the hem and cuffs. It gave the flowery crochet stitch jacket a little edge. But I like mixed media art so I’m always willing to try something a little extra.


  2. I am a self confessed Pinterest addict. It always makes me feel so motivated, but I must admit I spend more time browsing than I should when I could be using that time crafting!

    That embroidered photograph is stunning! I once did something similar in college, but first printing the photo onto calico and embroidering with gold thread 🙂

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  3. I want everything I make to be useful, too–I appreciate art for its own sake when others make it but, for me, I seem to need the practicality. And I go thru stages with Pinterest–mostly I’m a little over it, though. But maybe I need to go look for more hints and tips!


    1. I love art and I’m inspired by art for its own sake but have never managed it myself because, like you, I have to be productive. But I think it’s time to branch out.

      Pinterest is great for tips about crafting and art! I’ve learned so much.


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