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International Yarn Bowl

Knitnotknit 007

Look at this beauty!

I have some wonderful friends. Some of them are vaguely aware that I like things to do with yarn despite me being so quiet and subtle about it (ahem). It was my birthday last month and this lovely hand-made yarn bowl arrived from Spain two days ago.

The lovely person who sent it (my friend Frankie) lives in the UK – we went to university together and bonded over X-Men. So she ordered if from the UK to be sent to Canada from Spain. This is quite the international yarn bowl.

Since this is my first yarn bowl I was excited to use it. Turns out they’re incredibly handy as well as being cute, especially when you have cats who like to lie in awkward positions and get tangled up in the yarn (I’m looking at you, Sean). I am definitely a convert.


13 thoughts on “International Yarn Bowl

  1. Sounds like you had a great birthday! Like you I didn’t think I would like a yarn bowl enough , for me, to spend the $$. One of my daughters bought me one last Christmas along with yarn and a pattern for a beautiful wrap. Now I don’t know how I got my knitting done at home without one. The bowl looks so elegant on my coffee table. I am one spoiled Mom. ❤


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