Potential in Yarn Form

The best bit about buying a new skein of yarn is the potential.

Some knitters and crocheters buy all of their yarn with a certain project in mind. They go out and find a pattern, then purchase the yarn that fits. I admire the people who do this consistently. Though sometimes I can do it (as with my Brandywine shawl), it is not my natural state of affairs.

The other knitters – like myself – bumble into a yarn store and grab whatever shiny thing they see with only vague ideas of what it might turn out to be. I did that recently.

Silk 003

This is Cascade Heritage Silk. I’ve used it before and enjoyed it thoroughly so could not resist trying it again. I purchased two skeins from Kniterary with the vague intentions in using them for socks. Stripey socks, in fact. The blue in the bottom variegated one matches the solid one perfectly.

Then I lost my favourite pashmina.


That is the pashmina in question (bonus Grand Canyon). It has been with me for at least five years and three countries. It is big and warm and goes with my winter tendency to wear a lot of red. I dropped it in the mall and didn’t notice until much later.

Now I’m considering making a big stole with it instead that I can snuggle up in at work. Usually I don’t wear knitted scarves since I like being contrary (and much prefer woven fabric around my neck), but this silk is luscious and could make something lovely.

Excuse me while I spend the next forever browsing square stoles on Ravelry to figure out how to turn this yarn’s potential into something beautiful.


20 thoughts on “Potential in Yarn Form

  1. Totally meant to be a stole! That yarn is gorgeous btw! At the moment I’m being very good and only buying yarn for specific projects (socks) because I’ve got two sweater’s worth sitting around and I’m both a poor student and out of stash-space!


    1. Thank you! It’s becoming a crescent-ish shawl instead of a stole ’cause I couldn’t find a good pattern but I’m enjoying it.

      That’s very controlled of you, I am trying to keep back the amount of yarn I get for space reasons too but… well, I’m an addict.


  2. I have always been a stash kind of knitter, like you I seriously admire those who consistently buy yarn with a project in mind. I am well on my way to working through my stash, but I’m starting to feel the sad pangs of an empty and uninspiring yarn box!

    Those yarns are lovely, and I’m sorry you lost your pashmina, I have about 8, they are the most wonderful things in Winter! I look forward to seeing the stole you make!


    1. I knitted through most of my stash (or donated the rest) in the few months since moving to Canada. But now I’m working on rebuilding it because it’s just no fun otherwise.

      Pashminas are lovely! Hopefully this shawl thing works out as nicely. 🙂


  3. I go for the shiny, especially with spinning fibers. It explains the massive stash, so now I buy mostly for specific projects usually meant for gifts. Otherwise, I shop the stash.


  4. lol – as I read this, I have a lovely Cascade silk heritage lace shawl wrapped around my shoulders. You are right, it is wonderful stuff, and makes a lovely soft fabric. Can’t wait to see your stole!


      1. Probably – but off the top of my head, I don’t know. Now I will have to go looking…

        Likely there are some on my Ravelry project page – user name salpal1.

        I’ll see what I Can find and pop back over to let you know.


  5. Please excuse me ….I’ve just drooled on your yarn…. see now you need to buy more, and I feel soooo guilty I need to buy some to cheer myself up *grin* Looking forward to seeing your WIP 🙂

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  6. Yes, that’s how I buy wool! See it, like it, buy it – then worry for weeks how I’m going to use it! Just thinking, as it’s your pashmina you need to replace – have you tried ‘broomstick’ crochet? As it would make you a finer scarf, that wouldn’t be over warm/heavy to wear and looks super fab, too? Actually, there’s also ‘broomstick’ knitting which gives you a similar look.

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