The Season of Knitters

It’s getting cold outside.

IMG_20141102_091258Winter is not only coming; it is here. Walking the dog involves more and more layers each day. On Saturday morning we watched in alarm as the rain slowly turned to snow, the first fall of the season.

I should not be surprised. I’m in Canada now, it’s kind of known for being cold. I’ve had problems in the past trying to convince people that it gets super hot during the summer months thanks to its reputation. Yet still I am grumbling as I hunt down my hats and raccoon-shaped gloves and shivering as I brave the morning weather.


There’s no option to stay indoors. I have a dog and he is a bundle of energy. Van is a Golden Retriever less than two years old and he needs – and deserves – a lot of exercise. I do not get to avoid the cold. That’s probably a good thing. Avoiding the cold means you don’t get to see the stark beauty of the season. You don’t get to wrap up in as many layers as you can fit beneath your jacket.

You don’t get to enjoy various knitted goods to the best of their function.

IMG_20141102_093948That’s the cowl I received as part of the Buffy swap a good few months ago. It’s beautiful. The yarn is so soft and it’s super warm. In this shot I’d been walking for about an hour already so I was warming up at last, hence it being draped around my neck instead of wrapped tighter. When it’s wound twice around my throat it is the perfect height to keep my chin and nose warm.

Plus it has spiders on it.

There’s something comforting about being out in the cold when you have knitwear to keep it out. I love the feel of wool against my skin at this time of year. It makes the coldness worth it.

IMG_20141031_134825Though I have to say… this looks even more inviting.


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