How is Your Nanowrimo Going?

We’re more than a week into NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) so for those of you who are involved, how are you doing with it?

As it stands my stats look like this:nanostats

So I’d say I’m doing pretty well.

My aim this time hasn’t been to reach 50,000. This is my eleventh year writing and I’ve only lost once: I know I can do the wordcount thing. My aim is to finish the story.

So often I get to 50,000 words and stop, abandoning it forever. Like knitting an intricate laceweight sweater and never bothering to finish the sleeves, this makes no sense at all. This year I want to change that.

For the first time, I think I might.

The story I’m writing is one I’ve written before. Twice, in fact. I wrote it in 2012 and continued to write it through most of 2013. In November 2013, I rewrote it. And then I forgot about it. It’s a story about dryads and humans completely failing to share a city and a forest. I love the two main characters. I really need to finish it.

Tell me what you do at the end of November! Do you close the file? Keep going? Set fire to your laptop and run away screaming?


20 thoughts on “How is Your Nanowrimo Going?

  1. I usually let it sit for a month and then start the revision process…if it was a book I had fun writing. This coming year I’m hoping to actually revise more of my past novels as well as the ones I’m doing this year (doing multiples to challenge myself).

    Good luck with your novel! NaNoWriMo is seriously one of my favorite events!


  2. First year: nailed the word count but the story was all over the place. Second year: failed the word count but I’m still poking that unfinished story what I now realise is TWO YEARS LATER! (No wonder I feel stuck!)
    Skipped a year (see above).
    Fourth year (this year) Hopelessly behind on word count but hoping to finish a story this time.
    Writing was so much easier when I stuck to fanfic! Sigh.


  3. I’m not participating this year, but my friend hit 80K on day 10 – she set that as her new personal challenge after completing 50K every year for the last six years or so.

    And yes it’s a genuine story, she churned pretty thoroughly on it.


    1. No, nothing published. Mostly due to the fact I never finish anything. It’s been my dream to be a real life writer since I was old enough to hold a pencil so I need to work on that.


  4. Ugg. It’s going well, but not as well as yours … I’m just trying to finish the 50,000 words thing. And I’m keeping pretty good track of it. But my stats on the NaNoWriMo website just barely come above the target word count, so when I saw yours, I’m like, “Wha!?!?!?!”

    PS: I’m planning on doing another post on this soon, but my eyes are tired at the end of each day, and I don’t really want to stare at a computer screen any longer.


    1. I’ve been doing it so many years though! It’s awesome that you’re staying on target. I hope you still are too.

      Blogging in November is difficult, I know. I have to force myself to do it.

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