More Good Knitting Ideas From Pinterest

Though I really shouldn’t be browsing Pinterest while I’m in the middle of NaNoWriMo
, I can’t help it. Thankfully I’m learning a lot of neat tricks in the meantime.

Securing DPN Projects288x410xSecuring-Double-Pointed-Needle-Projects1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.PT4xXq18jm

Personally I lose the sock needles in the bottom of my bag all the damn time. I could just use project bags but I’m rarely that organised when I’m shoving my latest project into my bag for work. I have some fiddly contraptions that work great for sock knitting but most of the time all of those are occupied – I’m a woman of many WIPs.

So this idea from WEBS is really up my street.

It doesn’t involve thinking for more than thirty seconds ahead (good for people like me) and it might mean I lose slightly fewer needles.

Preventing Those Runs on Your DPN Knitting

The Purl Bee comes up with some great stuff constantly. It’s great.

I found this idea on how to prevent the little ladder in your socks/mittens/etc when you’re knitting with DPNs. I don’t suffer from this quite so much any more but occasionally I notice I’m still seeing runs up the side and it makes me do a sadface.

Though I haven’t tried this yet (my current main project is knitting on circulars), I can see the sense in the idea and will be trying it out next time I pick up one of the many pairs of socks I have on the go.

Okay, Pinterest can be a total time-suck… but it’s also really useful.


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