Lately I’ve been asked to do a lot of knitting for other people. That’s not unusual (as any knitter will know) but this time I’ve been paid for it.

As a result, I’m lacking any photos of projects lately. Though I’m the one that’s knitting these items, they’re not mine. I don’t feel comfortable posting pictures of them. They’re a lot of fun to do and it’s always good to get paid to do something you love but it’s creating a bit of a blank spot on my blog.

I have thought about showing partial pictures just as something to fill in the blank spots here – what do you think? Would that be appropriate?

This won’t go on forever. I have some old projects I need to photograph and get up on here, plus I’m about to finish a pair of socks (I forgot to bring the commission project I’m working on with me out of the house today). There will be some photos of my knitting coming soon.


3 thoughts on “Secrecy

  1. I totally understand. I’ve fallen off the blog wagon lately too because of commissioned works! I know I don’t want to show pictures of things before the people getting them sees them first. Maybe random “this is what I’m looking at out my window while I knit” pictures would be good. 🙂


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