What Should I Knit Next?

The new year will be here in no time and Christmas knitting will be over. Though I got most of mine done early, I’ve also been working on commission stuff (which is mostly done) so I’m going to take some time in January to knit something indulgent and just for me.

Since I give anything away that I knit except for shawls, I think the choice is obvious. But which shawl?

I bought a skein of Wollmeise from Loop in London just before I left the UK as a goodbye England gift to myself. It’s still sitting and waiting for me. It’s a nice rich terracotta colour, though I’ve also been told it’s the colour of baby poop, because my friends are awesome. In either case I love it and it’s a solid colour which means I can pick something nice and complicated.

The Options

Maple Leaf Knit Shawl

by Natalia @ Elfmoda


This choice is kind of obvious. I do, after all, have a vested interest in maple leaves since I moved to Canada so recently. It would be appropriate in the colour I have. I don’t think this pattern would be too difficult but at the same time that could make it quite boring.


by Kitman Figueroa


Look at this thing. I’ve had it in my queue since 2012 and I’ve had the pattern nearly as long. It’s intimidating with lots of lace and cables and bobbles, but I’m so tempted. This is the most likely option if I can convince myself that I am capable of making it.

Tiong Bahru

by Åsa Tricosa


This is a nice balance between complicated and easy. It doesn’t look too difficult and it does have large swaths of stockinette so it’s not as intense as the Damask, but though I love this pattern it hasn’t been in my queue nearly as long. I still want to make it, I’m just not sure whether it’s the time.

So what do you think? What would you choose for some nice indulgent knitting?


13 thoughts on “What Should I Knit Next?

  1. Oh, the Damask, absolutely! You’ll want the challenge to keep you entertained after the holidays are over. The Maple Leaf would be my second choice; it’s unusual and striking. The Tiong Bahru is gorgeous but all that stockinette would be awfully boring to me. I’ll be interested to see what you decide!


    1. Hmm I think you’re probably right. I’m swinging hard towards the Damask. I’ve wanted to knit it for so long I should probably get around to it.


  2. My aunt knitted the maple leaf shawl. She enjoyed it but said that it was very hard to get the leaf points to turn out as pointy as she wanted, even with blocking. So if you do that one, you might want to think about some mods for the leaf points.


  3. I’m not sure how wearable Maple Leaf is. Damask is lovely and nice and challenging. The lace on Tiong Bahru is lovely. I think it would work well for semi-solid colours.


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