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For the Love of a Yarn

When I went to The Little Green House for the Thursday knitting group, I had just finished a commission and didn’t have anything else with me to knit – I’d been flustered after my bus home from work had been late and didn’t have time to grab something new.

Martina suggested I knit something out of a new yarn for her to show in the store. That yarn is Cascade Duo Colour, a 70% baby alpaca/30% Merino blend and oh my goodness, this yarn. It is lovely. Just lovely.

Colduo-202 colduo-207 Colduo-201

First of all the colours are beautiful. I started a hat for Martina out of the middle colour, a gorgeous burnt orange with black in it. I knitted a Barley hat from it which I’ll take pictures of once I get around to sewing in the ends – which usually takes me longer to bother with than the entire knitting process.

I also bought the red one since the rich blood red mixed with the black is striking. Knit up, it’s even better. The black and red fade between one another, speckled in places and plain in the other, and it’s subtle and lovely.

As for the texture?


I already love baby alpaca. One of my first fancy projects was some fingerless mitts in a baby alpaca blend. It’s soft with none of the itchiness of the mature alpaca and I have had many people at work wandering over to give it a pet. It’s a pleasure to knit.

The only downside to this yarn is that it splits quite a bit but if you’re careful it’s worth it.

So readers, get out and try this yarn if you’re in the mood to spoil yourself. It’s lovely and you won’t regret it.

(P.S.: believe it or not, Cascade isn’t paying me for this post. Honest.)


5 thoughts on “For the Love of a Yarn

  1. Can’t wait to see the finished pieces – the wool looks lovely. Are these the only shades or are there more pale / pastel colours too?


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