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The Best Of Quick Knitting: Hats Edition

There are times in any knitter’s life – like, say, immediately after giftmas – where the thought of an intricate and complicated pattern makes them want to scream. It is at that time when quick knitting takes hold.

My go-to projects when I’m bored of big things is hats. I love them. I knit hats quite often because they’re pretty, they’re pragmatic, and most importantly they’re quick. They are excellent projects when you’re in need of instant gratification. Cast on, knit a while, decrease, cast off. If you start brim-up (which, why wouldn’t you?) then you don’t even have a whole bunch of stitches to cast off. It’s fun.

So here’s a list of hats for you knitters in need of a quick fix for the post-holiday lethargy.


by Tin Can Knits

© Tin Can Knits
© Tin Can Knits

Shut up, I know this is the most popular hat pattern of Ravelry. That’s because it’s there for a reason. It’s quick and versatile. It would work with both plain and variegated yarn. The wedge of garter in the middle makes it less monotonous to knit than it would be if it was all stockinette.

It’s a good pattern for newbie knitters with loads of instructions available. I’ve made it and I love it.

Star Crossed Slouchy Beret

by Natalie Larson

This is hands-down my favourite hat pattern. It is in fact one of my favourite patterns of all the body parts.

Christmas 2012 was a difficult time. I had just left Canada and discovered my six-month wait would be more like a year, maybe longer (it ended up being 18 months before I could return). I was extremely upset and desperately missing my girlfriend and cats that I’d left behind in Ontario.

Thankfully I had knitting to distract me. In the course of three days – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day – I made three of these hats. No sooner were they off the needles than someone in my family snapped one up.

Yes, this terrible quality picture is of me modling one that ended up going to my big sister.
Yes, this terrible quality picture is of me modeling one that ended up going to my big sister.

Little Scallops

by Maria Carlander

If you’re on the look-out for something even more quick-fixy, look no further. This little hat is for the tiny heads in the world. I knitted one for a friend who had a very cute baby a while ago. Most of the hat was knitted during a train ride from Newcastle to Nottingham; the scallop bit was finished in the Sheffield train station once I realised I would not have time to visit a nearby yarn store.

© maria carlander
© maria carlander

The hat I made was from a cashmere/merino blend which was a sheer delight to use. The hat knit up fast and easy even if the colourwork made me feel super fancy. It was a wonderful instant gratification knit.

So guys, what’s your favourite hat pattern? There are so many out there I don’t know where to start!


8 thoughts on “The Best Of Quick Knitting: Hats Edition

  1. Can’t recommend any, really. I like hats but I’m not keen on wearing them. I do wear my blue Rikke when it’s extremely cold as you can pull it down tight and turn the brim/edge over to give your ears a double layer of warmth.


    1. I’ve wanted to try the Rikke for a while but haven’t got around to it. I wear a lot of hats because, well, Canada. I like my ears being attached to my head. Not many suit me though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, the suiting bit is part of my trouble too… Quite glad I’m in Sydney and don’t need to be worrying about hats for a while 😉 Oh, and I think your star crossed slouchy beret looks great on you!


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