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Beauty in Chaos: Free-form Crochet

When I look into my drawer at work I see a little nest of leftover sock yarn from my many finished projects, especially with my sock obsession lately. I have loads of half-skeins and piddly little bits that aren’t much good for anything.

Looking at these clashing and interesting yarns that I love as socks but don’t care much about for smaller projects, I began to consider ideas for it.

A while ago – I’m speaking at least two years – someone mentioned free-form crochet to me. I looked into it and was fascinated. The idea of just picking up a hook and yarn and making something disordered and random was very appealing to me.

Click image for source.
Click image for source.

A lot of what I see when I look at freeform crochet projects on Pinterest and Ravelry is actually Irish crochet which is a style all of its own – however the techniques learned through Irish crochet can be used for free-form crochet as it’s full of all sorts of unusual and interesting motifs.

The difference is that Irish crochet in its traditional form is quite regular and standard in its use, even though it is unusual in appearance for those used to regular crochet.

Click picture for source
Click picture for source

The idea is to pick up yarn and a hook and see where it takes you. This is a daunting idea for many people, including myself. I like order even if sometimes I choose to ignore it.

Still, I thought that maybe I should try something like this. I have loads of scraps and I could make a free-form crochet blanket for my lap at work. It could be something to work on in fits and starts whenever I’m bored of whatever else I’m making.

I’ll be sure to post any updates to see whether I can let go of conventions and rules and make something completely random.

So far… it’s looking worryingly rectangular!


12 thoughts on “Beauty in Chaos: Free-form Crochet

    1. It’s scary for me because I keep assuming it’s awful because it’s weird looking, but that’s kind of the point of it. So I’m forcing myself to make it as ‘awful’ as possible. 🙂


  1. You’re brave! I would totally freak out at such randomness. It’s one reason my sock-leftover blanket is being done in pieces. Having said that, the pics you’ve shared are beautiful!


    1. The randomness freaks me out too. So with your sock yarn blanket, are you going to sew it all together at the end? Because THAT would make me crazy!


  2. This is fascinating! the examples you show are gorgeous but I’d say they aren’t really random. Freeform, maybe, but they hold together visually because of the colors and swirling designs, don’t you think? I’ll be interested to see what you come up with!


    1. That’s true. Random is maybe the wrong word because after all we do have structured minds. Mine is… a lot more random than these so far. We’ll see how it ends up though.


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