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The Best Of Quick Knitting: Dishcloth Edition

Welcome to the second collection of patterns for those of us burnt out by giftmas knitting. If you’re worn out and feeling the need for instant gratification in your knitting, here are some quick knitting patterns for dishcloths just for you!

Dishcloths can be good ways to try out new stitch patterns or construction. As they’re so small you can learn a lot very quickly. I learned how to knit lace from trying out some fancy dishcloths!

Leaf Lace Washcloth

by Jan Eaton

copyright Jan Eaton
copyright Jan Eaton

Here is one such pattern.

I don’t know if this was the one I tried a couple of years ago but it was one very similar if not. I picked it up and tried it out and fell in love with knitting lace leaves.

This is a quick and free pattern and would also make a great gift in a softer cotton – though I doubt many of you are thinking about gifts right now!

Leafy Washcloth

by Megan Goodacre

copyright Megan Goodacre
copyright Megan Goodacre

Another leaf-themed washcloths! Do you see a theme here?

This is a good way to try out some construction techniques. With increases and decreases, stockinette and garter, you’re all set to try out all sorts of things. It’s also adorable.

The Almost Lost Washcloth

by Julie Tarsha

copyright Julie Tarsha
copyright Julie Tarsha

Now for something even more fun.

This washcloth comes out a bit small but aside from that it’s my favourite pattern. It’s fun to knit and seems unlikely to work until suddenly you’re set with a lovely spiky star cloth.

It’s also a great way to try out short rows.

Hazelnut Stitch Dishcloth

by Margaret MacInnes

copyright Margaret MacInnis
copyright Margaret MacInnis

Hey, this pattern is nuts! Get it? Get it? Nuts? Hazelnuts?

…Never mind.

This is simple yet fun to do and it’s a chance to try out a new stitch pattern that is less common. It would grow like a growing thing and you’d be washing your dishes or your face with desperate excitement in no time at all!

Dragon II Dishcloth

by Louise Sarrazin

copyright Louise Sarrazin
copyright Louise Sarrazin

If you’re a fantasy fan I can’t imagine you resisting this one.

Despite how it looks, this is an extremely easy pattern. It’s only purls and knit stitches. Very easy, very simple and fun.

What kind of dishcloths have you made in the past? Share your favourites if you don’t mind – I can’t get enough of them!


8 thoughts on “The Best Of Quick Knitting: Dishcloth Edition

  1. I have never actually knitted a washcloth but I’ve often been intrigued by the concept. I think gauge swatches would make excellent cloths, plus as you mentioned you can learn lots of new techniques. I think I’d probably make lots and join them to make an afghan, instead of actually washing with them though!

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  2. You are so funny. Lol!! 😄 These patterns looks fantastic though. I have a few skeins of cotton yarn. I think I’m going to give at least one of these a try. I like that hazelnut pattern a lot. If I get up enough nerve, I might even tackle the Dragon pattern.


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