Thoughts on Sock Sizing

Sawk1I have a problem.

No, that problem isn’t my raging addiction to knitting socks that’s been taking hold lately, though that’s certainly part of it. No, the problem is that I always knit exactly the same default socks. I cast on 60 stitches on whichever sock-relevant DPNs I have near (usually my 2.75mm cubics) and have at it.

This is not working for me.

You see, I have always had tiny ankles. My stepdad used to say they looked like matchsticks with the wood shaved off. Even when I was quite a bit larger on the rest of my body, my ankles were spindly little pins beneath it all. Skinny jeans look ridiculous on me, baggy around the bottom. I often wonder how they keep me upright without snapping.

And it turns out 60 stitches is just too much. I am sad about this because I don’t have to think about it; the sock just comes off the needles and I love the results. I’ve knit three pairs for myself in the past month, however, and not one of them fits right around the ankles.

I could continue as I am, letting the baggy ankles be a thing. Or I could suck it up and cut it back a few stitches so that they actually stay up on my leg. Of course it’s always good to allow for shrinkage considering my tendency to throw them in the wash without looking, but I need to find a good balance.

This might be the last time for a while that I make a vanilla sock; I’ve got Maureen Fould’s Poirot sock designs to play with once I get some new solid or heathered sock yarn. But I hope that when I get back to the plain sock kick (pun intended) I remember to cut back on the stitches.


7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Sock Sizing

  1. I have a similar problem to you with having narrow ankles and feet, 60sts is just too big for me. What I usually do to make things fit properly is 56sts so that each quarter of the sock is one stitch smaller and my favorite k2p2 ribbing will work out. For the heel turn I do it over 28sts and for the toe I start the decreases as if I had already done one decrease on a 60st sock.


  2. Sorry about your sizing problem! I usually knit the same thing several times… just to get it right once. Perhaps you should write the definitive pattern for all small ankled folks everywhere!


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